The Re-Supply Strategist

Spreadsheets, USPS accounts, bank cards, patience, GPS tracker, masterful organization skills, a touch of OCD, PCT guidebook, determination, adaptation, sense of humor, sense of adventure, a ‘rolodex’ filled w important contacts and websites, boxes, bags, tape, trustworthiness, reliability, lateral thinking….. these are just Some of the tools my Re-Supply Strategist, and good friend Melissa, has […]

Signed, David’s Mother

After Over an hour, and continual server crashes I was finally able to apply for my permit. I will not be issued my actual permit until near the end of February, but I was able to get the date I wanted. And yep, It was JUST like getting concert tickets. At 12:30 I got in […]

Permission Slip Required!

I’m at work and I’m super antsy! Tomorrow at 12:30pm the PCT thru-hike permits are released! And to answer; yep I need a permit. They have them for anyone who hikes over 500 miles on the trail. And no, they do not cost anything. However, since I have not applied for one before I’m not […]


The simple answer.  Because I can. The not so simple answer, and the one I’ve been pondering for almost 2 months now. I have flashes of memory from one of my first camping trips as a little tyke.  It was with my Mom, Dad and Sister in a Southern IL campground.  (Yes, Mom and Dad, I really […]

Side Note…

So as I revisit, yet again, my ‘Why?’ blog today I realize that there was more to be said than I ever expected. I thought it was going to be simple… hell it starts with the phrase ‘The simple answer.’ I was trying to keep it brief and not too wordy, but as some of […]