Yogi Bears picanic basket

He may be stealing other picanic baskets, but he won’t be stealing mine! For the areas with bear warnings, I have a bear container from BearVault.  I got mine today! It is a very hard poly-carbonate (plastic) container.  It is bear resistant. I will be storing all my food stuff and any scented items, like […]

Training Day(s)

With the onset of this crazy warm February weather in Chicago-land I’ve been able to get outside and train.  Such a relief and such a difference.  Fresh air and sunshine feel so much better than climbing the stair-master to nowhere, or walking forward on the treadmill staring at your computer stats, or even making circuits […]

Officially Official.

Although I had applied for my permit on Jan 24th, my start date of April 23rd was not official until receiving last Wednesdays email with my approved permit file.  I noticed the email while I was behind the bar working.  I was so excited I excused myself and went into our walk-in beer cooler and let […]