As the Crow Flies

2650 Miles.  250+ pages of contour maps, 8 1/2 x 11, double sided.  125+ perforated guide book pages, double sided.  100+ possible stops; towns, campsites, inns, villages, etc..  27 scheduled re-supply deliveries.  Numerous un-scheduled re-supply deliveries expected.  There is no Crow!  He does not fly Straight! The last two days I’ve spent putting my maps […]

I own an Ice Axe!?

Yeah that’s right. I own an Ice Axe.  Never thought I’d say that. But with the heavier than average snowfall out west this year I have a feeling it may come in handy. What will I be using it for, you ask? Well the main purpose is for self arresting; or in layman’s terms, stopping […]