There Is Too Much, Let Me Sum Up…

The first 3 days have been amazing. There has been So much that has happened already I have to sum it up otherwise this post would last for hours! My personal journal is already long and I’m leaving out stuff and forgetting things. Also, I’m fairly certain I will jump around in my timeline, so […]

Trail Mix for Days…

  Or more precisely 150 days. These are the before and after pics of my trail mix.  I vacuum packed most of it, and some I put in gallon zip locks to keep from crushing it. I hand mixed around 30 kinds so, hopefully, I will not get bored with it. We’ll see. Heh!  As […]

Choo! Chooo!

So the train ride is pretty cool! Got some much needed rest. My last minutes before leaving for the train I was really antsy. Pacing at Mel and Kevs house before the car arrived. The night before we went over any questions on my re-supply packages, had a little pizza and tried to get some […]

This is happening!

Just a few minutes ago I finally had my defining moment, my moment of truth, my ‘holy crap, this is happening!’ moment. I’ve been excited and anxious before, but nothing has compared to this.  I ran into 2 other hikers, a man and a woman, at my local REI in Oakbrook Terrace. We were both […]