Today was going to be a good day. I started off from Sawtooth Campground in a great mood. Today I was crossing mile 500! There were several markers, but this one was the ‘official’ one. ( which incidentally wasn’t accurate anymore, lol ) I also have a video on my Video Page that has me […]

Taco Salad

Woke up at 4am the day after my zero to get moving. There was a group of about 6 of us all trying to get moving that day. As usual, we all started around the same pace then spread out as we continued on. Put some mileage in before taking a break around 2ish. Lunch, […]

Lions and Tigers and Trains, Oh My! 

The KOA was across the street where Coppertone was posted up. Nice quick walk. Headed over and saw, like usual, hikers I knew. Stopped into the management office to pay and get my tent permit/spot. They had a convenient store, so I stocked up on snacks, some drinks, and grabbed an ice cream bar, Yum! […]

That View Tho! 

So far the camping spots have been pretty cool, but this next one was the best yet!    It sat atop a little edge or outcropping. The view went on for miles and miles in almost all directions. It was breathtaking so I just sat and took it in for a while.  That night I […]

An Acorn and a Wolf

After my zero day I Uber’d out of Cajon Pass to Wrightwood to get my supply package. Yep, Uber’d.  It was easier than hitching and it got me to the Post Office before it closed on Saturday. Grabbed my supply package and was told that the hardware store had a hiker box, so I headed […]

Pizza and McDonald’s

After climbing up from the campsite the night before, my fellow hiker, Quoi, and I made our way toward the Mojave Dam which was a fun spot to stop.  ( Quoi means ‘What’ in French.  She is French/Canadian ) It was built in such a way that it acted like a huge echo chamber.  Any […]

Solar Powered Outhouse

Left Big Bear City’s Motel 6 on a Friday afternoon, but not just any Friday afternoon.  It was the one day of the year they suspend the bus from town to town, so I had to walk to the supermarket the town over to re-supply.  The route was uphill through the suburbs or over a […]

Olives and Grizzly Bears

There I was at the Big Bear Lake Library.  Had a quick chat with the librarian on how to get on their PC so I could blog.  What a great lady.  She got me set up so I could use the PC and let me know that I could carry this temporary card to the […]

Bears, and Big Bears

That’s right, I saw a bear!  Ok, it was at a private zoo, and it was behind bars, and I couldn’t get a picture because it was, well, a private zoo.  Ha!  But I saw a bear!  ( It was only a little fib I told you John D 😉 )  So, there’s this private […]

The Coliseum, and the Wind

After heading down from Mt. San Jacinto I walked along Fuller’s Ridge until I found a nice secluded spot to camp for the night.  It was right before a small river that still had snow all along the banks.  It wasn’t too tricky getting across the river the next day, there were plenty of rocks […]