Mile 500!
Today was going to be a good day. I started off from Sawtooth Campground in a great mood. Today I was crossing mile 500! There were several markers, but this one was the ‘official’ one. ( which incidentally wasn’t accurate anymore, lol ) I also have a video on my Video Page that has me walking up to another 500 mile marker. 

It was also time for the flys to start being obnoxious. If you stopped for a moment to grab a drink of water or look at your GPS they started swarming. Gnats and black biting flies alike came out of nowhere and got all up in your space. I had to use my headnet for the first time. And it sure came in handy! I stopped at another guzzler and grabbed some water, and the flies were so bad my buddy Lego set up his tent to take a nap. Two other hikers walked up and their packs and bodies had small swarms each. Crazy bad. Well, it made me continue on.

There was another no camping stretch that lasted 7 miles coming up. Also another hiker spot right after it. Those flies pushed me further than I wanted to go that day, but because of it I got some incredible views and pics! 

The road to sunset
The desert contour

Pretty sure I’ll be framing these when I get home. 

These were taken just before I got to… Hikertown! 


What an original place! It’s set up on a decent sized lot with all these little cabins for one or two people. All the little cabins have names. You grab a cabin and stay for the night. Donations are encouraged and amount is determined by if you get a cabin or just camp. I arrived late that day so I had to camp out back in his lot. I positioned myself mostly out of the wind and all was good. 

Hikertown cabins

Took a ‘cold’ shower that didn’t work so well and settled down for the night. Next morning there was a gentleman driving back and forth to the local store/diner. Lots of us grabbed the first ride out and re-supplied while ordering a breakfast sandwich or burrito. They were really good! Took the ride back to Hikertown, got my stuff gathered up and took off on the trail. It started on the dirt road for a couple miles then ran along the open aqueduct for a few miles. 

(LA?) Aqueduct

It eventually turned toward the mountains and ran parallel to this pipeline. I knew I was on the right path because they told me so. 

If only the whole trail was marked so well
Pipeline from the mountains

This is where the wind really started picking up. There was no shade to speak of so even though the wind was pretty bad and I dare say annoying, the heat wasn’t overwhelming. Stopped at a dry creek bed to camp for the night. There was also piping and a spigot connected to the aqueduct so we could fill up on water. 

Dry riverbed camping

Woke to a windy day of hiking. And for good reason. 

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