Above My Pay Grade

I’m super happy to hit the trail again, and started back up at Walker Pass. After getting off the bus, there was a small walk up the hill to the trailhead and some trail magic.  Filled up on water and ate my Subway sandwich before heading out.  I had, what some call, town legs, which […]

Off Trail Blues

Spent all day trying to figure out my options.  There are around 20 trail miles to the next pass that gets me in to town.  It’s over 100 degrees now and I can’t safely hike at night anymore without my headlamp working.  I’m worried that my pack strap will break during my hike and that […]

Wind Blows

Hello everyone!  It’s been a busy 6 weeks since my last post.  I’ve really been absorbed with this amazing journey I’ve been on.  Long hiking mile days, record heat waves, broken gear with unforeseen time off trail, hail storms, bear sighting, etc.  If you are on Facebook with me you’ve been able to see some […]