Cross That Bridge When You Come To It

To get into Washington from Oregon, on trail, you must walk across The Bridge of the Gods. The Bridge of The Gods is 141 feet up from the water, 1/3 of a mile long and it opened for use in 1926. According to Wikipedia. What they don’t tell you is…: There are only two lanes […]

The Current Finish Line

Hiked out of Timberline in the late afternoon on Sunday. It was cold and wet. Although not as bad as the storm which came through Friday night which lasted until near morning. Lightning, thunder, heavy rain. While hiking on, I tried to find the same spot I set up camp two years ago, but to […]

Déjà vu

Here I am, again, at Timberline Lodge. This time I should be able to hike to Cascade Locks. Currently there are no fires blocking my way, like there was in 2017. This place is as awesome as it was 2 years ago. I’ve already had their breakfast buffet which is talked about up and down […]

Lava Fields and Burnt Forest

Remember my last post about the camp spot I had? Well, one thing I didn’t write about is about 8:30pm that night I heard a loud sound and a rushing. I peeked my head out and the cute little stream that wasn’t flowing, and only had a tiny pool of water, started running and running […]