I own an Ice Axe!?

Yeah that’s right. I own an Ice Axe.  Never thought I’d say that. But with the heavier than average snowfall out west this year I have a feeling it may come in handy. What will I be using it for, you ask? Well the main purpose is for self arresting; or in layman’s terms, stopping […]

Signed, David’s Mother

After Over an hour, and continual server crashes I was finally able to apply for my permit. I will not be issued my actual permit until near the end of February, but I was able to get the date I wanted. And yep, It was JUST like getting concert tickets. At 12:30 I got in […]

Permission Slip Required!

I’m at work and I’m super antsy! Tomorrow at 12:30pm the PCT thru-hike permits are released! And to answer; yep I need a permit. They have them for anyone who hikes over 500 miles on the trail. And no, they do not cost anything. However, since I have not applied for one before I’m not […]


The simple answer.  Because I can. The not so simple answer, and the one I’ve been pondering for almost 2 months now. I have flashes of memory from one of my first camping trips as a little tyke.  It was with my Mom, Dad and Sister in a Southern IL campground.  (Yes, Mom and Dad, I really […]

Side Note…

So as I revisit, yet again, my ‘Why?’ blog today I realize that there was more to be said than I ever expected. I thought it was going to be simple… hell it starts with the phrase ‘The simple answer.’ I was trying to keep it brief and not too wordy, but as some of […]


Me. Just me… and about 3000 other people I don’t know yet.  There is a saying in hiking and it’s ‘Hike Your Own Hike’ or HYOH.  This means that you alone are the sole decision maker in your hike without any mandatory compromises.  E.g.  If I wanted to hike 1 mile more or 1 mile […]

Where, What, When

The PCT, or Pacific Crest Trail, is a hiking trail that runs 2650 miles long.  A common misconception is that it runs along the coast and that its name is The Pacific ‘Coast’ Trail.  As you can see by the map it is very far from the coast and in fact runs along the ‘Crest’ […]

My 2017 PCT Thru Hike

For those of you just finding out, I am thru-hiking the PCT in the 2017 season. For those of you who already know, bear with me as I go through some details, that you may have already heard, for the whole class. In the following days/posts I will be explaining the Where, What, When, Who, […]