My 2017 PCT Thru Hike

For those of you just finding out, I am thru-hiking the PCT in the 2017 season. For those of you who already know, bear with me as I go through some details, that you may have already heard, for the whole class. In the following days/posts I will be explaining the Where, What, When, Who, and the most asked question I get, the Why. For now though you could jump on the official PCT site, or sit back and wait a spell as I hammer out on my keyboard all the prelim answers you may have.


7 thoughts on “My 2017 PCT Thru Hike

  1. Super excited to be following your journey on so many levels… certainly a trek on my radar so I’ll be looking forward to your experiences!!!

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  2. When we talked the other day I could feel the excitement AND some anxiety as the date gets closer. I too look forward to your post and your pictures……get to the gym and workout! ;=>

    Dave Ervin


  3. Hi Dave. It’s Julie and Cliff. We were shocked, elated but not surprised to read your letter and find out that YOU ARE ACTUALLY DOING THIS! We are so excited for your. Have read all your past posts and will continue to follow you for the next five months. Despite our many conversations at Cabs, we underestimated your adventurous spirit. We learned too late of your send off party at Warrens. Would love to have been there. We will be sure to stop in when you get back so you can autograph “Wild” for me! Good luck, God bless and our hearts are with you. (And thanks much for the tickets!)


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