Cross That Bridge When You Come To It

Hiking into Washington

To get into Washington from Oregon, on trail, you must walk across The Bridge of the Gods.

The Bridge of The Gods is 141 feet up from the water, 1/3 of a mile long and it opened for use in 1926. According to Wikipedia.

What they don’t tell you is…: There are only two lanes for vehicle traffic, and no lane for pedestrian traffic, which means you walk toward oncoming traffic, in their lane. (They ‘only’ go 15 mph, but we know what that really means) The metal grid pattern that make up the lanes has wide enough spacing for a small object to fall right through, ie a phone. Which also means you can see straight down through the metal skeleton to the water, all 140+ feet below. When I traversed it, it was windy, real windy, take off your hat and hold on to the guardrail windy. I assume that’s probably typical.

When crossing, I made sure to do a polite Thank You wave to all the cars that passed me. I took my phone out for only One picture. The one you see above. I held on and kept moving. Felt like forever to get across. Freakiest bridge I have ever crossed and that includes bridges that are essentially fallen trees over rushing rivers. BUT by walking across this bridge I have officially completed Oregon!

And then I crossed back.

The town of Cascade Locks, on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, is where I needed to catch a bus to Portland.

(August 14th supplement)

A fair side note: I’m thinking I’m in a minority as to how freaky I think this crossing is. It ‘seems’ as if most people are calm about walking across this thing!

2 thoughts on “Cross That Bridge When You Come To It

  1. Not sure I would be willing to cross this bridge in a vehicle…let alone walk across. All seems pretty scary to me! 🥴

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