Side Note…

So as I revisit, yet again, my ‘Why?’ blog today I realize that there was more to be said than I ever expected. I thought it was going to be simple… hell it starts with the phrase ‘The simple answer.’ I was trying to keep it brief and not too wordy, but as some of you know me, that’s a hard thing for me to do. Plus with my work schedule and the holidays, I had not made the time I had expected to make in getting the post finished. Also, blogging or journaling is something I have never done in any regularity, which is one reason I started so early before my departure, so I can get used to it.  Anywho, the ‘Why?’ blog is still in the works, and most certainly not forgotten.  Although I imagine, when it is done, it will be wordy, and lengthy as is appropriate of me.

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