Yogi Bears picanic basket


He may be stealing other picanic baskets, but he won’t be stealing mine! For the areas with bear warnings, I have a bear container from BearVault.  I got mine today! It is a very hard poly-carbonate (plastic) container.  It is bear resistant. I will be storing all my food stuff and any scented items, like toothpaste, etc., in it during my time in those areas.  It will be loaded up and when I’m finished with it in the evening I will walk it away from my campsite and place it down.  In the event that a bear actually comes along, he/she will be able to play with it but not be able to open it.  The lid is made like a child proof pill container and screws on past two snap points.  Trying to open it today proved that I couldn’t with just my fingers and had to use the back end of my knife.  Eventually the bear will give up and move on.  In the morning, I gather it back up, eat, etc. pack it and continue on my hike.  Oh, and I can use it as a stool if I need a rest.

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