Taco Salad

Woke up at 4am the day after my zero to get moving. There was a group of about 6 of us all trying to get moving that day. As usual, we all started around the same pace then spread out as we continued on. Put some mileage in before taking a break around 2ish. Lunch, nap then kept moving. Got within striking distance of Casa de Luna then camped for the night. Made for easy miles the next day. Hiked through the usual scenery and the not so usual. 

Shovel trail marker
Monkey says ‘Slow Down!’

Arrived at a diner just down the block from Casa de Luna. Grabbed coffee, a breakfast burrito and joined a fellow hiker. Got joined by Caveman and Hotlips. Chatted for a long time, so long in fact that I ended up ordering lunch and a shake too! After we finished the server offered us a ride because her shift was over. We all crammed in her car and arrived at Casa de Luna. 

Now Casa de Luna is an amazing place. There are a bunch of rules that are put in place to make us comfortable and happy. Including but not limited to: 

Being quiet after passing the second fence line so hikers camped in the enchanted forest can rest or sleep in peace.  Yup, enchanted forest. It apparently extends as much as a quarter mile straight back from the property and is loaded with camping sites.

Select a Hawaiian shirt and put it on. They are provided so wear it for as long as you are here! 

Hawaiian shirts everywhere!

Sign the hiker sheet(s) somewhere and get your pic taken! Terry, our host and the owner of Casa de Luna, mooned us during our picture. Hysterical!!

Can you find my name on either sheet?

Paint a rock. ( Though I did not, but should have. ) 

It’s a rock

Enjoy your pancake and coffee breakfast, your snowcone day snack, and for the love of all that’s Holy do Not put your plate over any of the fixins for your Taco Salad dinner! She will smack you with her ruler! Hehe!! 

Get ready to dance for this years PCT bandanna! Line up and do it. 

Mostly, relax and have a good time. Thanks again Terry!! 

When I first walked up, Terry was there and greeted all of us with a Huge hug! She also commented about how big my smile is! πŸ˜ƒ Who knew? We got a quick tour of the laundry area, showers, water refilling area, entrance to the enchanted forest, etc. I didn’t zero here but I did stay to have a second Taco Salad dinner before leaving the next day. This unfortunately meant that the late start coupled with a full belly of Taco Salad was equal to very low miles that night. Lego was with me and we didn’t get far before we were spent. We camped on a dirt road just out of the wind. The morning however brought great views.

Fluffy cloud filling
A couple hours in to my hike that day I came across a cave. Actually it was the first of three. As I walked up I noticed a set of trekking poles leaning next to it. Curious. I called inside it. Someone answered back. I asked who it was. It was another fellow hiker I knew, Boulder. He said come on in! Now, I’m not the best with tight spaces so I was apprehensive to say the very least. After he reassured me that there was plenty of room, I went in! Soooo coool!! ( I also took a video that you can check out on my Video Page. )

Tiny little mining cave

Boulder was sitting against the wall relaxing and having lunch. I found out later that he took a few hour nap in there too! I didn’t go into the other two caves, but did take quick pic of each. 

On to Sawmill Campground and yet another crazy place to get water.

This… is called a Guzzler

So, in the picture is a Guzzler. That’s a corrugated tin roof over it that apparently catches water and diverts it into the ‘water tank’. What you see at the upside down smiley face, in the front, is a 3 liter plastic jug attached to a string, attached to a stick. You swing the jug in, dip it in the ‘water tank’ and pull it out to get the water. Kinda like an old bucket in a well. There are several along the trail. This is the first I’ve seen. It was interesting to get the water out. I’ll admit it was clean, clear water. Still filtered it tho. 

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