Lava Fields and Burnt Forest

Remember my last post about the camp spot I had? Well, one thing I didn’t write about is about 8:30pm that night I heard a loud sound and a rushing. I peeked my head out and the cute little stream that wasn’t flowing, and only had a tiny pool of water, started running and running heavy. At about 8am the next morning it had stopped again. Curious. I talked to several people the next few days and concluded that an ice/snow damn must have broke and released all that water. Strange, because usually the sun melts the snow and a river will run heaviest during the day. Scary because my tent, and me, might have been swept away if the water came down a different direction!

Met a couple with their two dogs while taking a water break. They were out with friends hiking and camping for a few days. The dogs were cool and didn’t want to leave my side while we chatted. The guy ended up being a tour guide for Deschutes! Go figure! He wants to thru hike the PCT and we chatted up about it for a spell.

Later that evening while setting up camp I got water that was bubbling up from the ground. I got a cool vid, ask me about sometime.

Getting to the hiker rest area at Big Lake Youth Camp was trying. We have to walk through fields and fields of lava flow. Not much protection from the sun and the rocks are like pumice stones and they constantly shift under your feet. It’s a hot day with minimal water sources.

As I got closer to the camp you can see all around why I couldn’t hike here in 2017. Nearly the whole area is burnt out. I was passed the lava fields and yet still no protection from the sun. See below for pics.

The camp here is awesome. 3 meals, showers, laundry, and a ‘hiker hut’ (place to hang out, charge devices, chill, and blog, if that’s your thing! šŸ˜‰ ).

(July 28 – Aug 1)

Obligatory pics below…

Obsidian Falls; (or Dragon Glass Falls šŸ˜‰ ).
Big ol Chunk of Obsidian; (Dragon Glass)
Lava Fields
Lava Fields for Miles and Miles!
Notice the burnt white trees in the distance!
Burnt Forest Coming up to the Camp

Thanks for reading this far!

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