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Hey all! I gave a look and couldn’t find a good way to add a message board easily, so here it is, in generic form! If you want to leave a comment, ask a question, or send me good vibes hit me up below.  As usual, I will answer when I can/have service/have battery power. 😀


5 thoughts on “‘Message’ Board…

  1. Hi Dave,
    Jane and I just looked at your photos and videos and read the entire blog. It looks like you are doing well. I like your comments about the people and places you have come across.

    Have you run into Bigfoot yet? I know he is out there somewhere. Ask the people you meet and report back.

    Stay safe. All the best.

    Ed and Jane

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  2. Hi Dave,

    It’s Burkey’s son Miles. How’s the terrain out there? Also, what’s the coolest place you’ve seen?

    Miles “Lil Burkey” Burke

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    1. Heya Miles!!

      Sorry I haven’t responded yet. Phone service is really bad on the trail, and I try to save battery power somewhat for my gps map apps.

      The terrain isn’t too bad. I have to keep my eyes down a lot so I can see what I’m walking on though. When I want to check out the views I make sure I stop so I don’t trip on a rock or hole. There is lots of walking on narrow trails which can be near ledges that go down hundreds of feet too. ( have you checked out my video that shows how narrow and steep the trail can be? ) It can be a bit unnerving but when I think that so many have also walked it I feel more confident. A cool thing about this trail too is that it’s also used for horses so there isn’t too many steep inclines or declines, but that means there are lots of switchbacks which equals more miles hiked. Lol! I do wonder when I come to a more difficult part how a horse could get by, but I guess they do. Just the other day, when you sent me this, I was on the side of a very high, steep, extremely sandy section of the trail. To top it off it was super windy because of a change in temperature. I had to actually stop moving sometimes because it was too dangerous to go forward until the wind slowed down. Crazy stuff! It was fun to get in town here and talk with other hikers about their experience with the same section.

      As far as the coolest place so far, that’s a really tough one. Everyday and around every corner there is always something that looks or feels amazing. Sometimes when I look back to where I’ve been it hits me how incredible it was to be there. Like after I left the peak of Mt. San Jacinto I could look back at it from miles away and see the itty bitty spec at the top where I had stood. It was pretty cool. Also, stopping at ‘hiker’ places and being around other hikers at those places have been awesome. There’s an actual place called Hiker Heaven that most of us stop at to relax and shower and just plain hang out. But, if I had to pick one spot so far, it was a spot at roughly mile 415 ( shh don’t tell anyone, I haven’t caught my blog up to that point yet, lol ). A fellow hiker and I had such a beautiful view of the many miles around us, and the sunset was unbelievable. It was inspiring. When we woke the next morning we were able to watch the sun come up from our tents. It’s why I came out here.

      Feel free to hit me up with more questions Miles, and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m able. When I get back we could hang out and you can grill me as long as you want too!! Lol!! Your dad knows how much I like to talk so it’d be fun for me!



  3. I’m Susan your mom’s friend from book club. We have heard all about your adventure from the early stages through recent updates. She is so proud and excited for you – and we are all in admiration of such an undertaking. Your photos tell the story in a way no words could. I wish you well and am sending lots of good vibes your way!!

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