Photo Gallery

(The latest pictures will always be at the top under this sentence with description underneath each photo)

See me waving? 

Camping amongst boulders.

Long way down! 

Don’t drink the water! Well I might have to but not this time!

Pine cones as big as your head! 

The unanticipated amazing view!

Where I came from, where I was going and everything in between. 

First view of Lake Morena. 

Had to find my way across this trench, it was about 10 feet deep. 

Pano of part of the trail and view on the second day.

My second water source. Much like the first. (And most others too)

My first campsite. It was among burned out trees and the ground was super soft.

My first water source! It was just a trickle but I got what I needed.


One thought on “Photo Gallery

  1. Dave:
    I’m a neighbor across the street from your parents in Shorewood Glen. Your Dad told me about your adventure before you left and then shared your blog site with me on your card the other day.
    Just looked at your photos and videos. Wow, what a great journey for you.
    Best wishes each and every minute, hour and day! Will pray for safe travels for you.
    Look forward to watching your journey as you head north in the mountains and valleys.

    Liked by 1 person

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