Signed, David’s Mother

After Over an hour, and continual server crashes I was finally able to apply for my permit. I will not be issued my actual permit until near the end of February, but I was able to get the date I wanted. And yep, It was JUST like getting concert tickets. At 12:30 I got in and it immediately crashed.  Then it would let me on the site but I couldn’t navigate anywhere.  It once let me start the application, then fully crashed and sent me back to their home page. I eventually had my Laptop, PC, both my Ipads, and my Iphone trying to hit the application page at once.  The winner.  The Iphone!  Ever try to apply for something with multiple fields on a phone before? Ha! So it lets you select a start date on a calendar that shows what’s still available and then you can lock in that date for 7+ minutes.  Sound a lot like concert tickets yet? I got all my info in, Yes!, and even opted to give a donation, hit submit and… processing…processing…processing… crash!  Agh!!  Had to reload the page, and check my date again.  Luckily there were several spots still open.  This time, put all my info in, minus the donation (sorry PCTA I will donate later), and the confirmation email came up immediately!

I start my hike on April 23rd, 2017!

Btw, if you don’t get the meaning of this Blogs post title, look up ‘Signed, Epstein’s Mother’. Old school joke from Welcome Back Kotter.

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