The Re-Supply Strategist

Spreadsheets, USPS accounts, bank cards, patience, GPS tracker, masterful organization skills, a touch of OCD, PCT guidebook, determination, adaptation, sense of humor, sense of adventure, a ‘rolodex’ filled w important contacts and websites, boxes, bags, tape, trustworthiness, reliability, lateral thinking….. these are just Some of the tools my Re-Supply Strategist, and good friend Melissa, has at her disposal. (Oh and she has an understanding husband too; Thanks Kevin!)  And it’s a good thing too!  She is the one who will be sending me all my supplies, gear, and food along the trail throughout my entire hike. Most likely over 30 packages/boxes in total.  Sure, I’ll be the one putting the initial packages together, but She’s the one that’s going to keep it organized and take my emails, phone calls, and texts because a change of plans, itinerary, needs, etc. and fulfill them.  Pretty cool, huh?!  I think so, and I think she does too!

This trip would be so much more difficult without a good Re-Supply Strategist. If you’re going on a long hike, go find one!  Make sure they aren’t afraid to ask the ‘What if’ questions and the hard questions and the crazy questions. It will make their job easier, and your preparation for the hike less stressful.  Like medication re-fills (which threw me for a loop when she brought that up.  It had never crossed my mind before), financial responsibilities, family involvement, replacement gear purchasing, mail forwarding, etc.. All valid topics that may be on the corner of you mind because your hike focused, like me.   Plus, if yours is as humorous as mine, you’ll probably get little gifts and notes and all kinds of silly things to boost your morale along the way.  Who doesn’t need a good morale boast now and again?  Thankfully I have Mel!

So I wanted to get into how You could send me something, but since it’s a bit regimented I’m going to hold off for now and put that into another Blog post down the line.  Plus I want to get together with my Re-Supply Strategist again and go over the most efficient way to go about it.


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