As the Crow Flies


2650 Miles.  250+ pages of contour maps, 8 1/2 x 11, double sided.  125+ perforated guide book pages, double sided.  100+ possible stops; towns, campsites, inns, villages, etc..  27 scheduled re-supply deliveries.  Numerous un-scheduled re-supply deliveries expected.  There is no Crow!  He does not fly Straight!

The last two days I’ve spent putting my maps together for my itinerary on the island in my parents kitchen. I needed lots of room.   This picture is the end result.  Things I had to take into consideration; fire closures, alternate routes, hitchhiking, mailing addresses, side trips, boat trips, bus routes, outfitting stores, super markets, shower stops, ATMs, laundry facilities, and more! (Has anyone noticed my propensity for lists? I get that from my Pop!)  I even had to physically trim the top and bottom of the contour maps so they will fit in gallon ziplock bags. Need to keep them waterproof!  Next, I’ll have to make contact with anyone that needs a heads up that I’m sending a package to them.  Then I’ve got to put those packages together. 

Anyone truly interested in meeting me on the trail, or hiking with me for a couple miles, etc. I have my schedule, so hit me up if I haven’t already hit you up.  We’ll see if we can make that happen! 

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