I can’t have my Cake and eat it too… (part 1)


Last night, Wednesday March 29th,  was my last shift at work, until I get back from the PCT.  Thanks for all who came out, even if you didn’t know it was my last shift!  (You know who you are!)  That’s 6+ months without working.  It still hasn’t hit me.  I mean, I’ll still be stopping in to work to have a bite and a beer, maybe while I write more blogs before my departure date, sitting next to Kate and James, with Melissa (who stepped into my shifts) slinging beers at me.  I still have plans on hanging out with many co-workers/friends before I go too.  It’s not like I’ve dropped off the map (yet!).  But, it was the last shift I will be working for quite some time.  Wow!  And in as much as I am sad about leaving Warren’s, I can’t wait to see how that proverbial cake tastes! Oh, and incidentally, the cake in the picture was a real cake that they got for me on my last day, and it was Delicious! Thanks!

One last thing.  If you’ve read this far, but didn’t know, I am having a farewell/goodbye/good luck get together on Sunday April 2nd at Warren’s Ale House from noon to midnight.  There will be a bit of a show and tell of the gear I’m bringing, and me to answer questions, and most of you know how much I love to talk.

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