Trail Mix for Days…

Pre Trail Mix
Finished Trail Mix (no, the beer isn’t going with)

Or more precisely 150 days. These are the before and after pics of my trail mix.  I vacuum packed most of it, and some I put in gallon zip locks to keep from crushing it. I hand mixed around 30 kinds so, hopefully, I will not get bored with it. We’ll see. Heh!  As the plan sits right now I’m having one package, or 1 pound, of trail mix sent per day in my re-supply boxes. I.e., if it takes me 5 days to get to my next re-supply location then 5 pkgs/lbs will be sent to me. This can optimally make up for just under half the calories I want per day. 

What else am I eating, you ask? Well it’s mainly based on high calories per ounce to keep the weight of my pack down while trying to maintain some sort of nutritional value, annnd some treats thrown in to keep me happy. 🙂 And what does that mean? It means granola bars, power bars, fruit bars, Clif bars, nut bars, Snickers bars (see a pattern?) etc., plus noodles, rice, beef jerky, beef sticks, dried apricots, peanut butter, M&Ms; These things are all being sent to me. 

While shopping in the trail towns, I’ll be looking to supplement with tuna packages, different rice styles, different noodle styles, more beef sticks, dried meat, instant potatoes, flour tortilla shells, spices/flavorings and more. Variety, variety, variety! 

Finally, when I head in to the towns, I might grab a burger, meatloaf, spaghetti dinner, pancakes, fruit by the handfuls, steak, etc.. I’ll probably eat better this next five months than I have in a while, considering I have to pay attention to my diet more than normal. Gotta keep my energy (calories) up! 

Mmm Trail Mix!!

One thought on “Trail Mix for Days…

  1. Cobb, Mama B and myself will forever be changed as far as our interpretation of trail mix goes after our final goodbye to You! We can’t wait to watch your every move but maybe change some habits along the way. Love you!!

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