Choo! Chooo!

My parents and I at lunch
So the train ride is pretty cool! Got some much needed rest. My last minutes before leaving for the train I was really antsy. Pacing at Mel and Kevs house before the car arrived. The night before we went over any questions on my re-supply packages, had a little pizza and tried to get some sleep. Now, on the train, I spend time on my couch, in the observation car going over my maps, or in the dining car with my parents. Nice pic right?! 

So I made a quick video of my room on the train yesterday, but it either takes up too much memory or I’m on a train and the signal sucks. Pretty sure it’s both reasons. If I figure out how to post it I will, because like usual ‘I’ think I’m funny! 

Extra bonus photo added…

My Pop making friends

My Dad used to work fot the railroad many years ago, so he’s quick to make friends with railroad employees. He’s the guy on the left. This was yesterday (Wednesday) in La Junta, CO around 8:30am. They are watching 2 extra engines and 1 extra car being attached. It’s called dead heading, so sayeth my dad, and they won’t be used but are just hitching a ride with us. We are running about 2+ hours late to our destination and he thinks this hook up is part of the big delay we are having. 

6 thoughts on “Choo! Chooo!

  1. I am so happy to have you share your experience right down to your emotions. It’s a picture of the seriousness of your trip and I have a sense of how committed you are to your success. I wish you the best every moment of every day! And, yes, it is a great picture of you and your folks. Gotta love parents who go the distance to send you off on your own.
    Sherry Krajelis

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  2. You got this!!! Can’t believe after all these years of your planning and listening to you talk about it it is HERE!!!! HI to Ma & Pa. I think it’s great they are making the trek with you! 💓

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  3. Hello Aunt Helen, Uncle Jack and David! David, (you’re always David to me, I don’t think I can call you Dave) it’s going to be so cool to follow you on your journey! All the best!

    Cousin Cathy in Cincy

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