There Is Too Much, Let Me Sum Up…

The first 3 days have been amazing. There has been So much that has happened already I have to sum it up otherwise this post would last for hours! My personal journal is already long and I’m leaving out stuff and forgetting things. Also, I’m fairly certain I will jump around in my timeline, so please bear with me. 🙂

List time! I’ve met hikers from around the world, Australia, Denmark, England, Canada, Germany, and all over the states, Ohio, California, Minnesota, Hawaii, Oregon. All have interesting stories. Some have sold all they own to do this hike, literally. Rattlesnake, yep saw one already. Walked right past him in a bush next to a rock. He was not happy with me and rattled and hissed and got into strike position. By that time tho I was far enough away and just kept moving. Nope, sorry no picture. Figured I’d let him be. Horses on the trail, yep. Got some (bad) pics, but it was a group of 5 or 6. Lizards, tiny, by the hundreds. My first night I camped in a sea of burned out trees and left the rain cover off my tent (like you saw it set up at Warrens) so I could see the stars. It was amazing! Except in the morning everything is as covered in a thin layer if dew! I dried it all out before starting that morning. Some ex military doing the trail, by my quick count, 7. Lots of uphill climbing, lots of downhill too. The scenery is breathtaking, and lots of times I’m walking on the edge of a fall, hundreds of feet down. Trail Magic, yup by a guy named Rod at Lake Morena. Shout to Rod Trail Magic is when someone volunteers their time, money and resources to provide food, beer, water, etc free of charge because they just want to.  Many have different reasons, but for us hikers it’s awesome!  Rain, in the desert, yup, just once tho and in the middle of the night. And yes it gets cold at night. Still dropping to 40 at its coldest.  So, there’s so much more, but I’m going to end here for now. Next post will been in a few days. 

Also, I upgraded my website account and should be able to upload videos, if the signal is strong enough. I’ll be giving that a shot later today. I’m going to have figure out a good way to organize the vids and pics, but until then they will be just one right on top of another. If you don’t get a notice I uploaded anything, I guess the best way to see if I did is just to jump on and check it out. 

7 thoughts on “There Is Too Much, Let Me Sum Up…

  1. I’m so glad you are having the time of your life! And that you did not get bit by the rattlesnake… we miss you and love you! Can’t wait for your next post!

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  2. awesome blog, Dave. Good luck keeping track of all your memories. Def try to do it as much as possible… you have many waiting in the wings to hear your story! Plus you might want to read about it again some day. xoxo Stay safe.

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  3. HI Dave
    So proud of you for making this happen. Sorry I didn’t get to see you before you left. Was in Ireland last week, hiked every day with my daughter. Our longest hike was a 10 mile coastal hike on the east coast. I was telling her about your plans. Our little 10 miler helped put your journey into perspective!! Looking forward to following your adventure as the path you are following unfolds. Wishing you all the energy you need to get through.
    Go Dave Go!!
    All the best, Ettie.

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  4. Be safe brother! I have really enjoy watching your progress. I wish I would’ve known about the party at Warren’s but didn’t see the post. Can’t wait to see what’s up tomorrow.

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