Desert, Snow/Rain Storm, San Jacinto Peak

Sorry this won’t be a long blog, I’ve had minimal service and low battery. But here are some teaser photos and the title is what I’ll be blogging about as soon as I’m able to put more down.

Taking a siesta on a ridge in the sun

100th mile

Morning after the snow storm

San Jacinto Peak, and this time the shirt IS making me look fat

4 thoughts on “Desert, Snow/Rain Storm, San Jacinto Peak

  1. Wow!!! Just popped my social media cherry, and it’s feeling so good to do it with Tondu…
    Flat mate shout to you via klm’s phone.
    The snow looks cold.
    The shirt does NOT make you look fat.
    How are the shoes feeling?
    What book did you start with?
    Have you seen any lions, tigers, or bears!?!?!
    Miss you buddy

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  2. keep going !!the restlessness of me says I loved to be there too-but the realistic side of me says–no wayJose– blog is great-Leah and Ed

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