An Acorn and a Wolf

After my zero day I Uber’d out of Cajon Pass to Wrightwood to get my supply package. Yep, Uber’d.  It was easier than hitching and it got me to the Post Office before it closed on Saturday. Grabbed my supply package and was told that the hardware store had a hiker box, so I headed over there. Have I explained a hiker box yet? It’s a literal box or boxes or totes that hikers put there unwanted gear, food or stuff in so that other hikers may sort through and take what they might want/need. I have seen them have shoes, pants, water bottles, zip locked food, bandages, lotions, fuel, you name it. Whatever a hiker can/does carry may be in them, and it’s a great source in case you’re missing that ‘one’ thing, so it’s always a good idea to take a quick look, or drop something in yourself. Hiker boxes show up in many places too. Most of them are where you can get a delivery, including many Post Offices. Sometimes they are where you can buy stuff like this hardware store, or where you can stay a night, like the hotels. So after looking through my supply box, the hiker box and organizing I headed to the library, again. No story this time. I got a couple blogs done instead. Grabbed lunch and food at the grocery store and headed out to do my penance. 

Acorn Trail… this way

After searching, uphill, for about a half mile I found it. As you can see I still had some more climbing to do. Kept it a short day and stayed at a campground not far from the trailhead. It was Memorial Day weekend and it was packed with weekenders so I set up my tent away from the masses. 

Set off toward Mt Baden Powell. Passed a ski resort on the way. Lifts look out of place when there’s no snow around. Passed a nice little sign telling me how far I am. 

Mile 373

Because it was late in the day I camped right before the summit so I’d have good light while I was up there. Saw little snow piles up around the summit but not much. Summited. Had a moment of silence then made a quick video on top. You can see it on my videos page if you haven’t already viewed it on Facebook. 

Took lunch and a siesta at Little Jimmys Campground where I met up with a few hikers I knew. Also met a couple new hikers including Hershey and his wolf/dog Archie. 


Don’t let his face fool you, Archie is about 130lbs and over 80% wolf, no really. And he’s damn cool! 

Camped a handful of feet from Hwy 2. The next day would bring a road detour because of an endangered frog/toad… I forget which because I kept messing around and saying the wrong thing.  Ran across some trail magic on the road though and that was nice. 

Just after the detour I passed mile 400!

Mile 400

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