That View Tho! 

That View Tho! 

So far the camping spots have been pretty cool, but this next one was the best yet! 

Site with a view!

It sat atop a little edge or outcropping. The view went on for miles and miles in almost all directions. It was breathtaking so I just sat and took it in for a while.  That night I was able to catch the sunset, and…

Sunsets rule
the next morning I was able to catch the sunrise, although my tired butt didn’t grab my phone for a pic. 

Next stop, a water source at a fire station. Sometimes it’s hard to find the off trail water sources, some days it’s real easy…

Water. This way. ↖️

The sun was hot so a break was in order. Sat at a bench next to a spigot that was connected to the fire station. A few hikers came and went, eating their lunches and filling up their water bottles. I wanted to get a few more miles in to a campground I saw on the map, so I finished up and filled up and took off. It said it was closed but there seemed to be spots to camp.

Along the way was miles of this plant. 

Poodle Dog Bush before its purple blooms

It’s called Poodle Dog Bush. It it said that the oils from this plant are much worse than poison ivy of poison oak. It sprouts up after forest fires, which is the area I’m in, and currently it is Everywhere! There are small patches all along this part of the trail and it encroaches on it too. Not the easiest to avoid, but you get to know exactly what this plant looks like and quickly. 

Upon arriving to said campground I was dissapointed to say the least. It was filthy, even by hiker trash standards. Garbage bins were overflowing, outhouses were locked, the grounds were a mess and I didn’t want to camp here. I was still hiking with Quoi and we decided to move on. The problem was that there was a no camping zone coming up in about a mile, which didn’t leave much room to find a spot, let alone a spot for two tents. We didn’t like much of what we saw, but we were running out of room, so we picked the best spot we saw, a few feet off the trail. Some night hikers even passed within feet of our tents. It was not a flat area, and it was very tight. Sleeping on uneven ground can be kinda funny though.  After a while you slide toward the lowest spot in the tent and get all mushed up. Adjusting back is pretty comical while wrapped in your sleeping bag. 
Morning hiking went as well as expected. It was hot again, which is the desert theme. Stopped at a ranger station that was set up with water and trail magic. The caretaker, Todd, was a great guy and we chatted for a bit. He had lived at this location for 19 years! A bunch of other hikers stopped through here while taking a break. Most of us left together when it was a bit later and the sun was on a downward swing. We all started on the same pace for the next few miles and spread out as we got further. Before you know it we made it to Coppertone’s trailer again! Third time! Root beer floats again! Ran into all the hikers from the last stop. We all relaxed and chatted for a spell than moved on a few at a time. 

Next stop, the KOA! 
Bonus pic!!

Check out the size of this Pine Cone! Don’t mind the filthy pant legs.

5 thoughts on “That View Tho! 

  1. Am I correct that you have been hiking for 68 days and have gone 500+ miles? I am trying to mark your progress on the trail map.

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    1. Yup. The more accurate numbers are. 61 days with about 10 zero days ( been off trail this week because of gear probs. Needed to order a new pack. ) and I’m at mile 652. When I get back on trail today that’s where I’ll be. 🙂 Also there will be a skip coming up. Not sure how far, but I’ll be bypassing some of the sierras.


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