Déjà vu

Here I am, again, at Timberline Lodge. This time I should be able to hike to Cascade Locks. Currently there are no fires blocking my way, like there was in 2017. This place is as awesome as it was 2 years ago. I’ve already had their breakfast buffet which is talked about up and down the whole PCT.

I’ve claimed my spot and pitched my tent in the hiker area out back. About to head to a town called Government Camp and get my laundry done. I’ve been on the trail since I last had cell service which is now 9 days ago. Yup, haven’t showered or bathed since then. Surprisingly less ripe than you’d think. My clothes however…

So what have I done these last nine days, besides hike? Let’s see.

Had to dry my tent out from condensation after a night camped at the beach of Big Lake.

Tent Drying Time

Walked thru more burnt forest. Miles and miles of it. (Kinda felt like the lava fields). It was crazy hot and had hardly any shade.

More Burnt Forest

Made camp next to a beautiful small lake with a gorgeous view all around. Albeit burnt, the contrast was stunning.

Some camp sites are just right

Ran across a Ranger, Elizabeth, who was checking permits. Funny thing is, I don’t have one for this area. I showed her my permit I obtained for the Sierras and told her I flipped up here and why. She told me that’d work and it was no problem, she was just doing head counts for the area. (I had already done my due diligence and knew I didn’t need and special permits except for a few area ones to hike here.) Sorry no pic. Hindsight is 20/20.

Started heading toward and around Mt Jefferson. I got some stunning shots. Here is one of them

Lunch under Mt Jeff

Did my first ‘glissade’. It’s essentially sitting on your butt and sliding down a snow slope. I felt like it was 100 ft, but was prolly more like 50. It was the easiest way down back to the trail. Surprisingly a Lot of fun!

Glissading down the slope

Got to Olallie Lake Resort and sat on a porch with ten other hikers waiting out a large raindrop/hail storm. Re-supplied here for the next few days to Timberline.

Storm forming over Mt Jeff

Stuffed myself in the tiniest of camp spots. Sometimes you have to make do. I was tired and running out of daylight. Found this place on the side of a dirt road that crossed the PCT.

Squished in

Hiked by a pond called Little Crater Lake. It’s 45 ft deep and 34 degrees. It’s super creepy. The water is the color of a blue icee and you can see to the bottom. There are lots of trees sunken into it.

The Small Deep Blue

And now I’m at Mt Hood’s Timberline Lodge.

Mt Hood

(Aug 2 – Aug 10)

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