I can’t have my Cake and eat it too… (part 2)

Send Me a Note Box
The Note Box

So no, I can’t have my Cake and eat it too.  I can’t stay and be with my friends and family, and still go on a 5 month hike.  Unless they all came with; that’d be interesting!  I can’t live my dream without saying goodbye first.  But I can have a party with my Cake and make the goodbye Really fun!  So that’s what I did, with prompting from several of my friends, and oh man was it fun!  The crowd that came out to Warrens yesterday, April 2nd, to wish me luck was overwhelming.  Thank you everyone!  Some who couldn’t make it texted me good luck.  Thank you again!  I posted up for 12 hours there and brought a little show and tell in the form of some of my gear.  I actually set my tent up in a side room, and grabbed a couple of tables to lay out much of my other stuff… bear vault, crampons, long underwear, headlight, water filter, stove, rain jacket, ice axe etc..  My father remembered to bring a framed map for me so people could look at the actual route and ask questions.  Thanks Dad!  I did not get bored for one second going over what each thing was or what it was used for or how much it weighed or why I picked that item, over and over again.  It was exciting for me that so many people were so interested.  Many people said they were envious, many that I was crazy, all were there to support me.  There seemed to be no common question.  Each person, I think, had their own expectations of what I was doing.  No matter, I answered them all, I hope.

One amazing thing that my Re-Supply Strategist, Melissa, came up with was the ‘Send me a note’ box.  (pictured in this blog post) There was a pad of paper left next to ‘the box’ with some pens, and everyone was encouraged to write me a note or whatever and drop it in the box.  The box was sealed and had just a slot on the top so I can not read anything being dropped in.  Some people also brought cards to drop in said box.  Melissa, will then select several of the notes and cards and send them along with each supply delivery.  I have a suspicion that there are tons of notes in there!  I even saw 4 of my youngest supporters drop notes in!  Yes, I’m talking about your boys, Colin and Emmit, Mark; and your two boys, Oliver and Tom, too Megan and Matt!  Those are gonna be some funny notes!!  I. Can. Not. Wait!  What a great way to make my boring supply boxes a lot less boring.  And it will always give me something to look forward to when eating dust in the desert, or slogging through the mud, or getting rained on, or snowed on, etc..  So, if you didn’t get to write a note and want to send me one, or a card, then hit me up in the next 2 weeks before my departure.

Lastly, I just want to send a sincere thank you to Everyone! Knowing that I have so much support will help me through those tough days on the trail, and there will be.  So maybe, I can’t have my Cake and eat it too, but I can always come back and get more Cake!

6 thoughts on “I can’t have my Cake and eat it too… (part 2)

  1. Dave, I’m so excited for you! Couldn’t make it yesterday but I am looking forward to your blogs along the way!! How do I get a note to your note box? Sherry Krajelis

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    1. Thanks!! And no worries! As far as a note, you could drop it off at Warrens for now and I can go pick it up. I’ll still be around for 2 more weeks and I plan on stopping in there from time to time.


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