This is happening!

Just a few minutes ago I finally had my defining moment, my moment of truth, my ‘holy crap, this is happening!’ moment. I’ve been excited and anxious before, but nothing has compared to this.  I ran into 2 other hikers, a man and a woman, at my local REI in Oakbrook Terrace. We were both checking out at different registers and I overheard one talking about the AT. I asked if they hiked it last season.  She answered with yes and that they thru hiked it back to back seasons! What?! And that they are thru hiking the PCT this year! They introduced themselves as their Trail Names, and said not to worry you’ll get a Trail Name soon enough. Hehe! We talked about the weather and the snow and that we were all considering some gear changes, and making last minute purchases. They were relieved, as well as I, that we weren’t the only ones doing that. They leave for the PCT in a few days. I was so excited to talk to them about it, I already forgot which day!  It’s roughly one week before me. It would be pretty cool if we ran into each other on the trail.  They are also planning on doing the Continental Divide next season. A triple crown in three years. Super cool! I’m excited for them! They are excited for me! We. Are. Excited!! 

Holy Crap! This Is Happening!! 

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